Saturday, October 27, 2018

RIP Apu you will be missed.

Comedy has officially died as of October 27th 2018:  The PC Police has won  as The Simpons has caved to pressure on Apu  After 30 years The Simpsons will be getting rid of Apu.  Apparently people have discovered that the character is too much of a stereotype.    Apparently they haven't noticed that the entire show is stereotypes.  Every single character on the Simpson is a stereotype or an exaggeration of a stereotype of some kind.   The show is a comical look at our society.

 People are no longer able to laugh about or enjoy anything anymore.      Abu is dead...... Who is next?
The lazy cop that eats donuts
The  smelly Comic Book Nerd that lives in his moms basement.
Fat Tony the Italian mobster (Because all Italians are mobsters)

Let's get rid of all of the Simpsons Stereotypical characters . Like the corrupt Mayor with a Boston accent based on the Kennedys.   Or Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel  (White Trash).   And of course Homer himself.   The Fat Dumb Bald Average White Guy?  Don't even get me started on Bumble Bee Man.  Maybe they should just cancel the show all together since all the characters may be offensive to someone.   People can no longer laugh at themselves.

If it is so important to get rid of Apu what should happen to the 30 plus years of reruns that are on all hours of the day that feature the character?   Should this character be digitally removed from all those episodes so as not to offend.   Or maye we should run a warning before each episode.   Or maybe all the shows should be pulled off the air?    Watch out Family Guy you are next.  It may just seem like a little thing to you--- but it has actually been a tidal wave of little things. 

Here are just a few of the little caves to PC Culture in 2018 that form a slow tidal wave that is taking over our daily lives.

Early 2018:   Disneyland caved and changed the Redhead scene from a Pirate Auction to Pirates Antique roadshow.   Remember the pirate tales of yore when they sold art work in the town square.  

Summer 2018:   The Circus Animal Crackers box was changed because of pressure from PETA because the animals in circus cages on the box was too offensive.   Free the animal cookies they said, because they have nothing else important to worry about.

Fall 2018:   The Simpsons caves on Apu to remove the character from the show.  

In 2018 it is offensive if your daughter puts on a Mulan or Moana dress for Halloween even if it is her favorite Disney character.  All little girls should be able to dress like whoever their favorite Disney Princess is no matter what color their skin is.   If your daughter is black she should be able to be be Snow White or Sleeping Beauty and if she is white she should be able to dres up like Jasmine of Mulan.     Of course some people are probably offended that she is dressing up like a Princess at all.  

People need to stop being offended by everything.   People need to learn to laugh at themselves.   We need comedy now more than ever-but instead we are letting tiny vocal portions of the society that are offended kill things off.     I'm  100% over all political correctness.  The show that makes me laugh the most right now is reruns of The Office because of its complete and total lack of political correctness.   I refuse to be offended by redheads being sold at Pirate auctions or caged animal crackers or funny characters on an animated TV show.   Netflix and Chill people Netflix and Chill.

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