Sunday, October 14, 2018

Game of Thrones : The Spoils of War : Quick Thoughts (Spoilers)

I'm generally at least a year late to the party for Game of Thrones. I don't have HBO and I'm not going to pay for it for one program.  So I usually wait for Game of Thrones to come out on Netflix and then I binge it to catch up.  

 I have enjoyed the series as a whole -- but I have found myself at times completely disinterested in certain story lines while wanting more of others.  So while Game of Thrones has been entertaining it has also been frustrating at times waiting for certain things to happen.    A big example of these is the White Walkers:   This undead army has to be the slowest bunch of dead people in Westeros.  Seriously these guys need GPS or something because it has taken them forever to get anywhere.  There was an epic battle with them in season 5 and now in the middle of season 7 they are still lolly gagging around in the north.    If someone could please give them directions south it might speed things up.

The other storyline that I have been interested in has been the Mother of Dragons.   The problem has been that her story has pretty much been disconnected from Westeros for the entire first 6 seasons of the show.  It has at times felt like we just check in on her story while everything else has been happening in the main storyline.   All of that changed with the season 7 episode: The Spoils of War.   After watching Jaime Lannister's army win another victory the Mother of Dragons decided to heat things up a little bit.  By heat things up we actually finally got to see one of her Dragons actually kick ass.   After seeing the dragon in action I can see why they waited so long for this.   The dragon devastating the Lannister army was bad ass.  I've been waiting for a scene like this for the entire show.    The end of the episode was predictable. I knew they weren't going to kill off Jaime Lannister but if they had that would have been an awesome way to go.   Personally I think they should have done it.   

I'm just glad that we finally got to see some epic dragon action.  The show has really grown from Season 1 when the biggest battles never happened on screen to actually showing something of this scale and scope.  I'm more all in on this show now then any other point in the story.   It is about damn time that the Mother of Dragons finally showed up and got involved in the main storyline.

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