Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Flying Guillotine 1975 5 out of 10

The Flying Guillotine 1975  5 out of 10

The El Rey Network does a great job of advertising these old kung fu movies. The trailer for this film pulls you in.    A Kung fu movie where a flying guillotine weapon that looks like a metal hat box on a chain beheads people.  Exciting stuff.

The Emperor is paranoid and so commissions a new weapon to take out his enemies.  The movie takes awhile to get to the action as the story shows the invention of the killing weapon and training.     The flying guillotine is a cool idea—but like so many kung fu movies the story is just all over the place and unfocused.   The story then drifts to one of the guards trained to use the weapon running away and trying to reestablish a new life.  Of course he is hunted down by his former guards and must battle to survive.

The Kung Fu action is decent, but nothing incredible.  I can’t say that the movie lived up to the promise of the trailer.  The plot just wasn't interesting enough to hold my attention.  Apparently the sequels have more humor which this first film is lacking,  so its sequel may be worth a watch.

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