Saturday, November 19, 2016

Star Trek Beyond 2016 6 out of 10 (Maybe Trek should stick to TV)

Star Trek Beyond 2016   6 out of 10

I've seen every Star Trek movie.  
I no longer see them in the theaters , but I do eventually get around to seeing all of them.  
I'm to the point now where I think Trek should just stick to TV.  
I'm sure my comments will make some Trek fans.....but in reality a Trek show is better for Trek fans than occasional so-so movies.

The latest Star Trek movie had some great special effects and some cool action sequences that should have excited me more, but didn't.
The cast in this alternate Trek movie universe is solid, I can't fault any their performances.  I watched this latest Trek movie last weekend and I just wasn't that into it. (I actually feel asleep twice) It seems like it should be exciting, but it just wasn't. (From my comment on Facebook I believe my Podcast Co-Host Russell may disagree--which could make for a good discussion on the Podcast). My issue with the film is the screenplay.  It just seemed so random and not big screen worthy.  The twist of the film left me underwhelmed and the story as a whole was just ho-hum.

An hour into the film I was wishing it was Galaxy Quest 2 instead of Star Trek.   The screenplays for most of the Trek films just haven't been as good as some of the stories told on TV.    Despite the campy look the original Star Trek actually had some really good stories that the film versions of Trek have rarely lived up to.   
I would rather watch a couple of back to back episodes of the original TV Series than one of these movies. I'd rather even watch Next Generation Q episodes than these films.  I just think the TV shows lend themselves to more interesting storytelling that fits Trek better.

Star Trek Beyond was okay popcorn entertainment.... but it wasn't memorable.....just like so many of the Trek films.


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