Friday, September 16, 2016

Shark Killer 2015 6 out of 10

Shark Killer 2015  6 out of 10

Shark Killer gets off to a good start with a classic rip-off of what I call the "Jaws Scenario"  The mayor wants to reopen the beach after the wrong shark is caught.   Everyone runs back into the water and for some reason every single person swims to a floating wood platform and attempts to stand on it.  The big shark shows up and our hero swims out and kills the shark.   If only the rest of the movie was as good as this first scene.   Chase Walker is a Shark Killer for hire that doesn't like the water....(Go figure).  The main actor looks like a tall Chris Pratt and his character seems to be clearly patterned after Pratt's personality as well.    He is hired by his step brother to retrieve a diamond from inside a shark. 

The movie is less of a shark movie than it is an action adventure with comedy elements.  It has the feel of a TV pilot.  The main character doesn't even use guns when battling the villains which I thought was strange.   It was a fun film --but again its TV show feel kept it from being a great film.  I could see this being one of those old low budget TV shows from the Hercules era of syndicated shows.

I give it a 6 out of 10 because of the main character played by Derek Theler was entertaining.  Especially the scene where he fights off some bad guys with a pair of running shoes.

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