Monday, May 23, 2016

The Super, Fantastic, Terrific Podcast #16 In this Podcast we discuss Top 5 Movie Dads

Our latest Podcast is now online.  Listen as we discuss our Top 5 Best Movie Dads.     
As usual there are some surprising choices by the crew

The Podcast is Here

Here is my List:  Tune into the podcast above to hear the other Movie Dad's that made the list.

Number 5
Michael Keaton  as Jack in  "Mr Mom"

While out of a job and with his wife going back to work Jack must step up and try to be a stay at home Dad.  It is a bumpy road at first, but he eventually figures it all out.

Number 4 
Sean Connery as Henry Jones in "The Last Crusade"
He may not have always been the father that Indy wanted him to be,  but he and Indy still love each other.
Besides Indy turned out fine didn't he.

Number 3
Steve Martin as George Banks in "Father of the Bride"
Overwhelmed by the fact that his little girl has grown up and is getting married Steve Martin tries to hold it together before her wedding.   Great movie and great Movie DAD.

Number 2
Albert Brooks as Marlin in "Finding Nemo"
Okay so he is a fish, but that doesn't mean he is one of the best movie dads of all time.  This dad will do anything for his son conquering his fears in the process.

Number 1
Chevy Chase as Clark W Griswald in "Vacation"
He may not do everything right, but all this dad wants is to give his family the best family vacation ever.   Even if that means strapping a dead aunt to the roof of the car and dropping her off at the cousin's house in the rain, so his family won't miss Wally World.

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