Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Martian 2015 7+ out of 10

The Martian 2015  7+ out of 10

You had me at Ridley Scott directing a Sci-Fi film.    After Spielberg and George Lucas:  Ridley Scott is one of the few directors that I’ll see a movie by no matter what the subject matter.   I didn’t see the Martian on the big screen (I probably should have), but I did finally get around to seeing it last week.   
The film centers on an Astronaut getting left behind on Mars after an evacuation in which his crew mates leave the planet after thinking he was was dead.   It is a story of survival and as such has many obstacles along the way.   Matt Damon does an excellent job as the stranded Astronaut.  He is finally able to make contact with NASA to let them know he is still alive and then must stay alive long enough for them to send someone to bring him back.   It is a tough role since he spends most of the movie alone and has to convey his story by basically talking to himself with no one to play off of.

The movie looks incredible (as do all of Ridley’s films) and the story is interesting.   My only problem with the film is the ending.   Let’s just say that I was invested in the movie until the rescue attempt at the end.  The ending just seemed so  far fetched an cartoonish that it let me down.  I know they were trying to be dramatic –but I wanted to keep the believability that I had sustained for the rest of the film.

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