Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Other Woman 2014 5 out of 10

The Other Woman 2014  5 out of 10

The Other Woman starring Cameron Diaz was yet another disappointing modern comedy that had a lot of potential.    Cameron's character is dating this guy that she thinks is perfect until she decides to surprise him by showing up to his house that is outside of New York.  She shows up to the house to give him this sexy surprise and runs into his wife instead  (played perfectly by the often funny Leslie Mann).    The wife basically befriends her character and they set out to get revenge on the husband which is  where the film falls apart.  It could have been a great 9 to 5 type of revenge story in the light of Horrible Bosses---but instead sputters as the woman basically sit around and talk and then befriend yet another mistress (played by Kate Upton) which adds nothing to the film other than the scene of her running on the beach.   They never really get a satisfying revenge as we are instead given boring and played out revenge tactics like pills in his drink that make him have unfortunate bowel movements.   The comedy  moments in the film were lackluster and predictable.  I thought from the previews that the film would be more interesting and its lack of creativity in coming up with a satisfying revenge for the this cheater was disappointing.  Another -- " Could of, would of, should have been better comedy".

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