Saturday, May 2, 2020

Dracula BBC 2020 (Netflix Series)

Brief thoughts on BBC's  Dracula

I was excited when I heard about this show hitting NETFLIX.  The reason for that excitement was that it was by the same people that did Sherlock on BBC.  Sherlock is one of my favorite mystery shows and I was eager to see what they would do with a short mini-series based on DRACULA.   Each episode is basically like a mini-movie in length. 

The first 2 episodes I found to be really enjoyable.  The pacing of the episodes was slow -but purposeful.  The first episode basically covered the Bram Stoker tale in a style that felt very much like Sherlock.  

 The second episode featured Dracula’s voyage to England that played out like a murder mystery cruise with a shocking ending that left me excited for the finale episode.

Unfortunately, the third episode felt like a terrible movie sequel that you almost wish you hadn’t seen.  I was left so disappointed with where they ended up taking the story that I probably wouldn’t watch another season if the show returned.  

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