Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ride Along 2014 7 out of 10

Ride Along 2014  7 out of 10

Ride Along was about exactly what you expect itwould be.  It was a good comedy with both Ice Cube as the hardened cop and Kevin Hart as the nervous (soon to be rookie) that is dating his sister.   Both actors did a good job playing the same type of characters they are used to playing.   As a buddy cop film the movie works and the two actors have a good contentious chemistry.  I enjoyed both actors performances and thought the movie had some good funny scenes.  Ice Cube's character basically takes Kevin Hart on a Ride Along to try and scare him away from being a cop and proposing to his sister.  He sets a bunch of crazy situations where Kevin Hart's character will fail--while still trying to investigate some big undercover case he has been working on.

Where the movie fails a bit is in how totally predictable the plot was. You can see the supposed twist coming from a mile and a half away.  This movie came out the same year as Let's Be Cops --which had a fresh and new take on a cop movie.   By comparison this movies big scenes just weren't big enough and funny enough.

My advice is if you like Ice Cube and Kevin Hart you will enjoy this film--since they are exactly the characters you would expect them to be....just don't expect anything special as far as the story goes.

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