Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ex Machina 2015 9 out of 10

Ex Machina 2015  9 out of 10

Ex Machina is an interesting Sci-Fi movie that takes a look at the subject of Artificial Intelligence.  The movie basically features 3 characters and has the feel of a stage play.  It stars 2 of the actors currently in the new Star Wars movies  Oscar Issacs and Domhnall Gleeson and Alicia Vikander as the AI….   The cast is excellent especially Alicia whose movements and speech have a graceful elegance.

The plot:  A computer programmer working for a Bill Gates type owner wins a corporate contest to spend the week at his Alaskan hideaway.   Of course there is a catch.  He is actually brought up there to be a part of an experiment in testing the new AI robot the founder has created.  The movie follows his week of questioning and creating a bond with the AI while being questioned by the Bill Gates type character about it.

Artificial Intelligence is an interesting subject matter and a good sci fi that tackles it always makes me think about and want to watch other AI type movies.  Watching this film made me want to dive back into Blade Runner (especially in the scenes  where he is questioning the AI to see how human like she was.   I found this extremely intriguing.   It reminded me of Twilight Zone episodes and the books of Issac Asimov were running through my mind as I watched it.  Great Sci-Fi makes you want to watch other great sci-fi I thought of Spielberg’s  A.I. while watching it.  I thought about George Lucas’s classic  THX-1138.   AS soon as the movie was over I dug into the DVD extras (always a sign that you really enjoyed a movie)

Without giving anything away about what happens in the film –I’d definitely say it is a must watch for any fans of hard Sci-fi.  The characters feel like they are in a jail in a sense that the setting is claustrophobic while they are inside the house .  Just outside the house is a beautiful wilderness that includes a stream and a giant waterfall.  It is a great contrast to the room with it's glass walls where the interviews take place.   Definitely check this movie out.

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