Thursday, March 14, 2013

"These are not the flying monkeys you are looking for"

Flying Monkeys  2013   5 out of 10

Who doesn't want to see a movie with this description 

"A teenager's pet monkey becomes an evil shape-shifter."

This is the latest Syfy channel movie that comes out just in time for a big budget movie with similar theme in order to cash in.    With  Oz the Great in Powerful landing in theaters the same weekend---what better time for a cheesy horror movie about killer flying monkeys.     The movie follows the adventures of what looks like the monkey that was on Friends as he turns into an evil  Gremlin- like   Flesh eating flying monkey at night.     Oh what a sweet little man eating monkey!   You see he isn't really just a monkey,   he is actually a demon that disguises himself as a sweet little monkey by day.   Of course if you try and kill the monkey with modern non-blessed weapons it will split and form two evil monkeys.   Of course no one knows this until the demon monkey hunters show up and by then there are at least dozens of these menacing  digital beasts.   This movie could have been good if they had tried to go the Gremlins route and add some humor to the story instead it is played straight and is just and average horror movie as a result.   Nothing exciting about these flying monkeys.   

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