Sunday, January 22, 2012

Steve Martin month: A Tribute To Steve Martin : The Family Man


A Tribute to Steve Martin as the family man!

Parenthood  1989   8 out of 10
His first role as a family man was in the excellent ensemble movie called Parenthood, which examined the trials and tribulations of raising children.   Steve Martin excelled in this role bringing humor to this Ron Howard film.  His quick witted remarks in dealing with the situations with the kids were great.

Father of the Bride  1991  9 out of 10
Next up for him was the remake of a classic old Spencer Tracy movie Father of the Bride.  Steve hits all the right notes in this movie about dealing with the fact that his little girl is all grown up now.  The movie focusing on the little wedding that they decide to have at their house ---which turns into a big fabulous wedding with the help of Martin Short.   Steve plays the role perfectly with just the right mix of humor and emotion . When he finally hits his breaking point while picking up   hot dogs  at  the grocery store he is at his best.

Father of the Bride 2   1995  8 out of 10

Father of the Bride 2 continues in the tradition of the first one.  This time his little girl is having a baby.   This role was meant for him and again he pulls off the perfect balance in the role. Like most sequels it isn't as good as the original but is still quite funny.  Steve's reactions to things on screen are priceless.

In Cheaper by the Dozen in 2003   7 out of 10   also a remake we find Steve at it again this time trying to juggle a new job while raising 12 kids.   Yikes!   Of course Steve does a great job once again.   Steve running around in all the chaos is a wonderful thing to see.

Cheaper by the Dozen 2    2005  7  out of 10

Just like with Father of the Bride ---Cheaper by the Dozen was a success for Steve so again he returned as the father of 12 this time trying to deal with a family vacation and an old rival played by Eugene Levy.

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