Sunday, January 22, 2012

Babylon A.D. 2008 4 out of 10

I still can't figure out why Vin Diesel still gets lead roles in movies.  His  on screen persona is dull , it seems like he is reading his lines rather than delivering them.  He doesn't have leading man looks, instead he looks like a background extra that you would cast as a member of some street thugs.  I just don't get what he brings to the table?   Watching the dull Sci-fi movie Babylon A.D. I was wishing someone like Jason Statham was in the movie instead.  Even the action scenes in this movie were dull.   Dodging  missiles on snowmobiles...Really???   Where have all the action heroes gone???   Babylon A.D.  was a Fifth Element wannabe without all the fun and thanks to the success of the most recent return of the Fast and Furious series Vin Diesel who had been fading into movie star obscurity will now continue to get more roles.   

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