Thursday, January 26, 2012

Steve Martin Month: The Three Amigos 1986 10 out of 10

Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short..... (The Perfect comedy cast)  Each comedian brings their A game to this classic comedy.

The Three Amigos......Like the Jerk  Three Amigos is one of my favorite movies of all-time...  Most of my favorite comedies have either Steve or Chevy in them so to have them together and add Martin Short....was perfection....  It is one of those movies for me where I love nearly every moment of it.   I remember laughing so much the first time in the theaters when they shoot the invisible swordsman that I couldn't hear the dialogue that came after that.     The movie is basically The Seven Samurai if the Seven Samurai were three out of work silent movie actors. 

 After the Three Amigos get fired from their acting roles they get a telegram from a small town in Mexico.  The town mistakenly thinks they are actual heroes and The Three Amigos think it is an acting gig.   Acting gig NOT SO MUCH as they end up face to face with El  Guapo and his gang of bandits.   The comedy is silly and stupid and so much fun.   There aren't many comedies that will every be this tailor made for my sense of humor 
 Every scene is quotable.

Lucky Day: Well, we're just gonna have to use our brains.
Ned NederlanderDusty Bottoms: Damn it! 

Mr. Flugelman: Do you know what "nada" means?
Dusty Bottoms: Isn't that a light chicken gravy? 

Rosita: I was thinking later, you could kiss me on the veranda. 
Dusty Bottoms: Lips would be fine. 

I could go on and on and on.... 
The scene where they are crossing the desert looking for the singing bush.....and Steve and Martin are dying of thirst and  Chevy takes a giant gulp of water wasting it and then asks them if they want lip balm....Priceless.....

Another classic scene is when Steve is trying to get their attention while they are all standing outside the studio in the underwear before sneaking back in to get their costumes..... "LOOK up HERE" he yells like a bird.

Here is the trailer for this classic movie....

I just recently got the DVD for Christmas......A must have for all Steve Martin and Chevy Chase fans.
I still wish there was a commentary track....I would love to here that....But the DVD was worth it just for an old interview with the cast and the few deleted scenes.....I wish there had been a sequel somehow to this masterpiece.

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