Thursday, January 5, 2012

Brad's Top 10 movies for 2001

2001 was a great year for movies...

Coming in at number 10

Black Hawk Down 2001 8+ out of 10
An Excellent war movie by Ridley Scott

Coming in at number 9

Spy Games 2001 8+ out of 10
Redford and Pitt in a spy movie....enough sai

Coming in at number 8

The Others 2001 9 out of 10
A really cool ghost story....It is definitely haunted

Coming in at number 7

Not another Teen Movie 2001 9 out of 10
A quality spoof movie that tackles the John Hughes and all the teen movies that followed

Coming in at number 6

AI 9 out of 10
Speilberg making Stanley's pet project come to life.
It is basically Pinocchio with robots which is a beautiful thing to see

Coming in at number 5

The Mummy Returns 2001 9+ out of 10
Despite way too much CGI----an action packed fun and adventurous sequel to the first Mummy movie

Coming in at number 4

Bridget Jones Diary 2001 10 out of 10
Bloody Brilliant!  Great Cast --Great Writing

Coming in at number 3

Atlantis: The Lost Empire 2001 10 out of 10
Under performing fun action adventure that couldn't find its audience . An Indiana Jones type tale.....I loved it and its Noir aspects..

Coming in at number 2

Monsters Inc 2001 10 out of 10 Another dazzling creative and original movie by Pixar

Coming in at number 1

The Fellowship of the Ring 2001 10 out of 10
Who would have thought that the director of Dead Alive and Bad Taste...would eventually be handed the Lord of the Rings.... Wow...great stuff

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