Sunday, January 8, 2012

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World 2006 7+ out of 10

Albert Brooks is a comedy idol of mine.  He is just genius.    That said this particular film was not my favorite of his films.—but he still shined in it.    The Premise has him heading over to India as part of a government program to learn what makes Muslims and Hindu's laugh.    The genius of Albert in this particular effort is the art of being funny while not being funny----An art he perfected on TV appearances on the Tonight show and other shows.  –He puts on a stand up show  in front of an audience that isn't laughing.    Such as his worst ventriloquist in the world bit---or his mangled attempts at  an audience participation improv.   Great stuff.   For his best work check out LOST in America ,    Mother ,  or   Defending Your Life.

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