Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Puddy, Kronk and that guy from Soaring over California: An Ode to Patrick Warburton:

He was  Puddy on Seinfeld......"Talk to the 8-Ball"  A character that launched many great voice over roles and other TV ventures.   "High Five"  ....Here is clip of some of his classic Puddy moments.

He is the king of cool in animated voice overs.   He was Kronk in the Emperor's New Groove in 2000 and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command in the animated series  2000-2001.  

He seems to pop up in every cool animated show that I watch.   He is the wheel chaired neighbor on Family Guy  1999-2011 the totally cool Brock Sampson on the Venture Brothers  2003-2011 and the Sheriff on Scooby Doo Mystery Inc.  2010-2011..... His voice is iconic...Whether it he strutting across the screen in sweater for a car ad.....Voicing a misunderstood  Wolf in Hoodwinked 2005  or a critter in Open Season  2006....
I was walking through the living room the other day while my stepson was playing the new Skylander game on Wii and who do I hear as a character in the game.....Warburton....

In the awesome new version of Star Tours --who is the voice of the droid scanning the passengers...Warburton.

and that Soaring over California boarding video...is classic.

His expressions and moments on  Rules of Engagement  2007-2011 are the reason i watch the show.  Here is a sample of his greatness on the show.

Rock Slyde  2009
He stars as a dim Detective in this so-so detective comedy ----but even in this lame detective story he has moments where he shines.

In the short lived  live action   The Tick 2001-2002---he was brilliant...

and of course he was a recurring character near the end of the classic comedy Newsradio   1998-1999.

So thank you Patrick Warburton for all the laughter and smiles you bring.

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