Saturday, January 14, 2012

Aliens and Cowboys 2011 vs High Plains Invader 2009

Cowboys and Aliens 2011   6 out of 10
I really , really wanted to love this film, after all it had (Indy) Harrison Ford one of my screen favorites.  It had (James Bond)  Daniel Craig and that super hot girl from Tron Oliva Wilde.
It was directed by the guy that did Iron Man and it was produced by Speilberg himself.    On paper it should have been the perfect movie for me to enjoy, but in reality it was just okay.  Despite its big budget it just didn't feel big until the end of the movie where the cowboys and Indians band together Ewok style to take on the Alien invaders who are of course after gold.  Maybe this worked better in comic book form?  I'm not sure.  

 It was a good movie, not a great movie 
While I waited for the movie to get better my thoughts starting drifting and I started to think that I actually  hope that they don't do another  Indiana  Jones (even though it is my favorite movie franchise).   Harrison just seems like he should be in remake of Grumpy Old Men  after seeing him in this movie.  Maybe it is time to hang up the whip and fedora and I also kept thinking that Daniel Craig has to be the ugliest James Bond of all the Bonds.   My thoughts also wandered to the fact that haven't I already seen a fairly good low budget version of this movie already????
I have the 2009  High Plains Invader  6 out of 10

Starring  James Marsters of Spike  (Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame).  The film has a very similar plot about Alien invaders in this case bugs that look like a mix of   Starship Troopers and War of the Worlds attacking a town in the Wild West for their minerals.  The film was low budget, but fun and had more of a sense of humor about it and James Marsters was great.  They have to stop the Aliens before they can take off. It is really the same movie.

 I had just as much fun watching the low budget bugs fight cowboys as I did the big budget ones.  Another thing...All aliens are just starting to look alike.  There seem to be no new cool alien designs.  I mean after the Aliens from  Alien and Predator everything since then is just starting to mush together.  They all seem to be related somehow.  I wish there was something new and unusual to see in a movie alien.
I think maybe Cowboys and Aliens shouldn't have taken itself so serious.  I might have liked it better if it had been more in the style of say Men in Black.  Who knows...I just really wanted this movie to be one of my favorites for the year--but it wasn't

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