Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sex on ice--A Blades of Glory Review 8 out of 10

Will Ferrell is the most manly guy to ever hit the ice.  "Sex on Ice" as he calls himself. Come on girls you know you want some?   I enjoyed this movie a lot more than expected.  After recently being letdown by Talladega Nights my expectations for an ice skating comedy were not very high.   But I love Will Ferrell—who shined even in bad SNL sketches.    Blades of Glory (unlike Talladega Nights –which had good individual moments but was plot-wise a mess)  was a complete story from beginning to end.   A rare thing in many of today's lackluster  comedies.  Will Ferrell was in top form as Chaz Michael Michael's  a sex addict rock n roll god of ice skating.    
The movie was a quality reluctant buddy comedy –with the graceful and peacock like Jimmy MacElroy  (Jon Heder) having to team up with the reckless bad boy of  skating Chaz (Ferrell).  My one complaint would be Jon Heder's acting  --unlike Dumb and Dumber where Jeff Daniels was able to hold his own and complement Jim Carrey's brilliance---Heder seemed pale in comparison to the genius that is Ferrell.   Heder keeps falling in and out of a half impersonation of his own overrated  Napoleon (not so Dynamite character).  Ferrell is clearly the star of this movie.  From his drunken  throwing up in his own  Wizard  costume in a road show  Grublets on Ice after hitting  on the woodland  elves  backstage.  To the montage of him trying to call Jimmy after giving his romantic interest played by the sexy, cute and funny  Jenna Fischer a "Boob Handshake"   and his great ice chase with Will Arnett—that has them stumbling across concrete and an escalator.   The rest of the cast was great –Craig T Nelson as the skating coach.  Amy Poehler and Will Arnett as the villainous pairs skating champions –.    (Damn Jenna --The Office's Pam is sexy)
The movie really shines on the Ice---from the opening solo skating performances to their first pair  performance "Fire and Ice"- (picture below an argument against men's pairs ice skating --ouch)

--and then their great finale where they pull off the unthinkable  death defying  "Iron Lotus"  move while dressed like a cross between Tron and Captain EO.

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