Saturday, January 28, 2012

Brad's Top 10 movies of 2003

Coming in at number 10

American Wedding 2003 8+ out of 10
This movie was all about the Stiffler. The dance off was great --Probably my favorite of the Pie movies

Number 9

Jungle Book 2 2003 9 out of 10
My favorite animated bear is back in a surprisingly good sequel to the original 
Jungle Book.

Number 8

The Rundown 2003 9 out of 10
The Rock vs Stiffler......with a little Christopher Walken thrown in for fun. A great mix of action and comedy

Number 7
Elf 2003 9 out of 10
Will Ferrell is "MAGICAL" in this christmas movie as a human raised by Elves. This movie has definitely grown on me

Number 6

Bruce Almighty 2003 9 out of 10
What happens when you give Jim Carrey the powers of god. = a lot of fun

Number 5

Brother Bear 2003 9+ out of 10
Beautiful animation.....Great music by Phil Collins and The Mackenzie Brothers as Moose = Great animated film

Number 4

Number 3

Love Actually 2003 9+ out of 10
A nearly perfect cast of practically everyone from England that isn't a Python....A great mix of Love stories

Number 2
Return of the King 2003 10+ Out of 10
The epic finally to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy....was well epic.....This series is why I just like Harry Potter and don't love it.....Because I'm forced to compare to this epic trilogy....

Number 1
Pirates of the Caribean : Curse of the Black Pearl 10_+ out of 10
I wasn't a Johnny Depp fan before this movie and had no real expectations when it came out that it would become my Number 3 movie of all-time...It is everything I would every want in a pirate movie

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