Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Brad's Top 10 movies of 2002

Coming in a number 10

Catch Me if you Can 2002 8 out of 10
Dicaprio and Hanks in a great Speilberg movie about a con man and the agent that is chasing him.

Coming in at number 9

Reign of Fire 2002 8 + out of 10
Fighting with Dragons in a very unique style.

Coming in at number 8

Ice Age 2002 8 + out of 10 The Squirrel rules this good tale about teamwork.

Coming in at number 7

Austin Power: Goldmember 2002 9 out of 10
Mike Myers again shines as pretty much every other character in the film.

Coming in at number 6

Die Another Day 2002 9 out of 10
An Excellent Bond film with cool villians and superweapon and an Ice Hotel. Brosnan makes a great Bond.

Coming in at number 5

Treasure Planet 2002 ....An animated action adventure---that like Titan AE and Atlantis --underperformed. I enjoyed this retelling of Treause Island in space --Pirates before Pirates were cool again.

Coming in at number 4
Minority Report 2002 9+ out of 10
Speilberg takes on Phillip K Dick in this fun futuristic thriller

Coming in at number 3

The Two Towers 2002 9+ out of 10
The middle portion of the Ring Trilogy. By being the middle section it is my least favorite of the 3 films and yet it is still a 9+ out of 10.

Coming in at number 2

Scooby Doo 2002 9+ out of 10
Despite the mis-casting of Freddie Prince Jr and Sarah Michele Gellar as Fred and Daphne......It is all about the perfect casting of Matthew Lillard and Scooby Doo. One of my favorite cartoon characters of all time I love it.

Coming in at number 1

Attack of the Clones 2002 10 out of 10
Yoda kicking ass with a lightsaber.....After watching this film I wish there was a Yoda Prequel...that little Green dude is fierce

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