Thursday, January 19, 2012

Star Wars Where Science Meets Imagination 2012 At the Cube Discovery Center Part 3 Props

Along side all of the awesome Star Wars props were some interactive exhibits demonstrating things like Modern Robotics and practical uses of some of the Science of Star Wars..... This Hovercraft wasn't exactly up to Landspeeder level... You could learn about mag-lev trains and other things.

But enough about that......Back to cool Star Wars props like

The insides of a Droid

"Roger,  Roger"

Their was another interactive exhibit where the kids could program a droid and then watch it follow its programming

Or you could try and make robot legs walk......Or do a silly dance

Real -life Robotics

"Droids we don't let their kind in here"

At this exhibit you could learn how to make an animated figure change its expressions

Up next the final batch of photos including some Hoth Action and weapons

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