Friday, June 15, 2018

Toxic Fandoms: The Kelly Marie Tran Social Media Story and Social Media Quagmire

The fact that hateful people have basically chased her off social media is disgusting.  It is sad because everything I’ve seen with her in interviews she seems like an incredibly upbeat nice person

People have a right to dislike a film. 
People have a right to dislike a character or storyline.

They have a right to dislike an actor’s performance in a film or the message of a film itself
They have a right to post about it online in blogs or podcasts.  

BUT why do some people think that they have the right to personally attack an actor on that person’s social media page.   If you don’t like Kelly Marie Tran’s character in The Last Jedi that is your opinion, but why on Earth do you feel the need to go on her page and attack her because of it.   People like this are cowards hiding behind the safety of their keyboards.

I personally thought the Finn and Rose storyline was the weakest part of the Last Jedi.  Not because of their race or gender, but because the Canto Bite segment of the film didn’t effect the plot.  
Poe’s story also felt was unnecessary to me.  I felt like they had to give those character something to do in a movie since they had bigger parts in the first film.  The interesting story in the Last Jedi was the one that involved Luke, Rey and Kylo.     But never in a million years would it even cross my mind to go on an actor’s page and personally attack them.   What is wrong with people nowadays?    Online threats and personally attacks of this nature that she was dealing with should not be tolerated.  

A sad thing that is happening in our society.  It is no longer just the trolls living in their mom’s basements tweeting hate like the gargoyles that chased Kelly Marie Tran off the internet.   Another thing that bothers me is that people are selective with their outrage.   Robert De Niro going on an Awards show on TV and saying F… Trump or Samantha Bee calling his daughter the C… word on a TV show are just as unacceptable ad the basement trolls posting hate on Kelly Marie Tran’s page.    

De Niro's immature hate filled act was applauded by the actors in the audience.    The same actor’s that would be upset about what happened to Kelly Marie Tran applaud this kind of behavior.   What if some actor of singer that hadn’t liked Obama had done that at an awards show?  What if someone had said that about Obama’s daughter?    

If we are okay with our celebrities acting this way and applaud them for acting in such a vile way in public,  how can we expect some troll hiding behind a keyboard to act civil.

This view or the views of Brad and do not respresent the views of all the members of the Super Fantastic Terrific Page.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Justice League 2017 5 out of 10 (DC Disappoints again)

 Justice League 2017  5 out of 10

After the absolute disaster that was Batman vs Superman my hopes for a good Justice League  seemed slim.    Then the Wonder Woman movie arrived which was actually pretty good.   Then Zach Synder --(who in my book has been an extremely hit or miss director)   was replaced for family reasons and the reigns were handed to Joss Whedon (one of my favorite creative people) and my hopes got higher.  Still the trailer didn't really excite me in the way it should have, being someone that grew up watching the Super Friends.   I was much more aware of Woder Woman,  Batman, Superman and Aquaman then I ever was with the Marvel characters.    I skipped this movie in the theaters -- knowing I would rent it somewhere down the line.  After Batman Vs Superman and Suicide Squad DC hadn't earned a trip to the theaters.      For this "Review" I decided I'd mix things up and just re post my Facebook posts while watching the film.   Change it up a little.  Here were my thoughts while watching the film.

So I was let down again by DC.   This should have been an incredible movie if they had done it right.   Aside from some of the dialogue with the Flash and Aquaman I didn't notice Joss Whedon's influence on the film.  He did the first Avengers after all which was classic.   The sad thing is if DC had done things right the DC Universe should and could be as good as the Marvel Universe.  The characters to me were a lot more recognizable.  Yet somehow they found a way to screw it up.

Here were my thoughts on The Avengers: Infinity War over on my Disney Blog.    A much more satisfying superhero film.

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Logan (An unpopular opinion) 2017 4 out of 10

Logan 2017 4 out of 10

I'm glad I didn't see this one in the theaters.  I know for some comic book fans this was the Wolverine movie they wanted to see.  Not being a comic book fan  I found myself completely bored by this film.  Logan takes place in the year 2029 in a future where the mutants or X-Men are pretty much a thing of the past.   So pretty much a Wolverine that doesn't heal as fast anymore and Professor X who is an ailing old man are left.  Basically, all the other characters you may have cared about are gone.   It kind of makes you feel like you wasted a lot of time caring about those other characters.

Wolverine is a drunk old chauffeur who ends up with the task of driving a young mutant to some place where she will be safe while being pursued by some shady military types.   The first 30 minutes of the movie nothing happens.  I was already losing interest at this point.  Then finally we get a good action-packed chase scene away from where they were hiding.  I thought okay maybe this movie was just off to a slow start, unfortunately I was wrong. 

 The film was  needlessly ultra -violent and filled with curse words flying left and right.   I have no problem with cussing-- but when it is coming from characters you have seen in six other movies in which they never cursed it feels out of place and strange.  The violence was that out of a Friday the 13th Slasher flick 

The movie just becomes a fugitive chase film scene of Professor X needing help in a gas station restroom and then the characters making a stupid decision to spend the night at the farm of a family that helped them.   They needlessly put this family at risk (and the whole family gets killed along with Professor X).  Wolverine battles a clone of himself called X-24 ---(I thought Sabretooth was back).     Then we get some more boring traveling stuff.     

Wolverine who spends most of the movie being a grumpy old man (Get off my lawn) of course ends up sacrificing himself at the end for the future mutants.   At the point he sacrificed himself I didn’t really care.  I had already checked out mentally and checked my watch at least 6 times to see how much longer the film was at that point.   In my opinion this was a disappointing way to end these characters.

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Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Greatest Showman 2017 7 out of 10

The Greatest Showman  2017  7 out of 10

Quick thoughts on The Greatest Showman
The Greatest Showman was kind of a mixed bag for me.  The songs and musical numbers were terrific.  When the singing and dancing was happening the film was mesmerizing.  The choreography was great. The story itself was just average at best.   The story is based on the life of Pt Barnum.  It is ironic that the year this film came out saw the end of the Circus which still carried his name.  The story felt uneven.  It seems like it covers many years of his life –but his kids remain the same age, so the film feels like it takes place over months instead of years.  The film made me want to see the true story of his life (perhaps in a documentary or something).   While this fantasy version of his life was entertaining as musical numbers it just seemed like the true story of his life would be more interesting.     Zac Effron’s character and storyline seemed irrelevant to the main story and felt almost like it was added into the story as filler.  I guess the story just seemed to simple.   He goes from struggling to sell tickets to his exhibit to buying the mansion of his dreams in what seems like a heartbeat.    I also noticed that the quote from P.T. Barnum was some uplifting quote, when the quote he is most famous for is " There is a sucker born every minute."

In my opinion it if definitely worth a watch if you like musicals.
Just enjoy the music and numbers and ignore the lackluster plot.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 2017 6 out of 10

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets  2017  6 out of 10

If you look up reviews of Valerian and the City of a Thousand 
Planets you will see reviews that are either 10 out of 10   or 1 -2 out of 10.  There seems to be no middle ground.  People either love it or hate it.    Ironically I found myself somewhere in the middle.  It is a strange and weird film directed by Luc Besson this film has the look and fell of his other weird Sci-fi Film the Fifth Element. 

The Good:
The film has some amazing visuals.  There are some cool and interesting creatures and planets. The world building is interesting. The floating Space Station/City Alpha is a fertal ground for the interesting. After a strange opening sequence that gives you a montage of the space station over centuries that is a showcase for some strange looking aliens.   The film goes into a beautiful section that seems like something out of Avatar.  You get a glimpse of an elegant alien race living their lives on a tropical beach.  Then suddenly tragedy strikes.  This segment of the film was gorgeous.  The visuals are where the film is at it’s best.   The world and characters designs are definitely interesting.   Luc Besson definitely has a unique and interesting visual style.  Some of the action sequences in the film were visually entertaining.

The Bad:
I can’t understand the casting.  The two main actors are just not good in this film.  I don’t know if it is their acting or the writing.  The dialogue is awkward.  I would have never picked these two actors as the stars of what could have been an epic film.  Instead the film is an epic mess.  I couldn’t find myself caring about or identifying with the main characters.  The story was just weird.   I know that it is based on some French comic book and maybe that is what was off.   Maybe this film is just some weird French thing that US audiences can't get.   The humor of the film just didn’t translate for me.   The main plot had a specific direction –but it felt like individual scenes were just dropped into the movie because they thought they might be interesting.   For example the singer Rihanna is in the film as a shape shifting gelatin like creature.   Her introduction is basically a strip tease where mid act she changes outfits magically about 6 times.  This may have been a fantasy for the director -but really is completely unnecessary to the plot at all.   It just seemed like maybe the director threw in a bunch of cool comic book images from the book that he loved and tried to weave in the main story as an after thought.


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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Quick Thoughts on the first episode of Lost in Space: The 2018 Netflix show

Until very recently I didn’t even know this show was coming out.   Maybe I read a story about it awhile back and completely forgot –but it seemed like this Lost in Space Netflix reboot came out of nowhere.   The original show back in the 1960’s was basically the Swiss Family Robinson in Space.  It was like a mix us Star Trek, Batman and Gilligan’s Island.  It was totally cheesy –but a lot of fun.    Then they did a reboot movie in the 1990’s with William Hurt and Matt Leblanc and Gary Oldman as Dr. Smith.   Of course, Oldman was excellent in the role of Dr. Smith.  I enjoyed this big budget movie version and would have liked to have seen it become a franchise—but that didn’t happen.   

So, I was interested the second I saw the trailer for this latest version of Lost in Space.  The concept works better as a TV series anyway.  I watched the first episode and I’m trying to withhold judgement since I learned my lesson with Battlestar years ago.   I spent the first half of the premiere of Battlestar upset.  I wasn’t a happy about my favorite character from the original Battlestar being a woman and many other changes.   The first couple of hours left me frustrated about how it wasn’t my Battlestar.   I stuck it out and was able to see the show as its own thing.  The show ended up being better than the original show.    

After watching the premiere episode of Lost in Space "I’m not having a great feeling about this".   I think Parker Posey could make a good Dr. Smith.  The rest of the cast however I’m just not feeling.  The dark tone the first episode sets –tells us that this isn’t going to be the old fun TV show in anyway shape or form.  The parents are divorced?  Robbie the Robot has been replaced by some sinister looking robot that is connected to the baddies that caused the Robinson’s to crash in the first place?    So instead of fun adventures with weird alien creatures it looks like we are headed for a dark sci-fi story about a broken and fractured family.    The first episode was pretty much a ship in the bottle episode.   Something you expect from a sci-fi tv series since these episodes help to cut back on costs.   Usually however you start getting ship in the bottle episodes further into the series.  Quite frankly for a premiere episode of a TV show this was a pretty dull and boring episode.   I will definitely give it a few more episodes to see if can develop into something cool.    Like I said I learned my lesson with Battlestar.   But if this first episode is any indication –I’m not feeling hopeful.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Top 10 Movie List : What is on you list? (This is out of over 2000 plus Movies)

I just updated my Top 10 Movie list for the first time in quite awhile.  A couple movies fell out and a couple of classics moved their way back in.   Without comments (because that could take forever)  This is my current list using just Movie Posters.  

 What is your top 10 Movie List????