Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crazy, Stupid , Love 2011 8 out of 10

Crazy, Stupid , Love is one of the better comedy romances of  2011.   Steve Carell was great as a man whose wife played by Julianne Moore tells him at dinner that she wants  a divorce.  She continues to explain why on the drive home telling him about how she cheated on him with Kevin Bacon, leading to him throwing himself from the moving car.  The movie follows his attempts to deal with his newfound status and get back out there.  To do this he ends up getting some help from ladies man  Ryan Gosling.   The movie has several  sub stories,   one of which  is Ryan Gosling's character falling in love and changing from the One Night Stand life he lives.  Another follows his son crushing on the babysitter and the babysitter crushing on Steve Carell.  The movie has a good mix of drama and comedy and the sub stories all dovetail perfectly at the end of the film in  grand comic fashion.    That scene reminded me of one of the all-time great Frasier episodes where everyone at the ski lodge liked someone else. Speaking of TV,  as much as I loved Carell in this film and Dan in Real Life (which also dealt with love and relationships)  I can’t help but miss his character from The Office.  The show just isn’t the same and without him as Michael Scott I don’t think it will be around much longer.    I enjoy Steve Carell's   movies but at the expense of 22 episodes of The Office I  would  rather he was still on the small screen.  Nothing that happens in the movies he  is as funny as the best moments from the TV Show.

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