Friday, January 13, 2012

Steve Martin Month: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid 1982 9 out of 10

Steve Martin is great as Rigby Reardon in this Carl Reiner  Film Noir parody that cuts footage from old movies together with Steve Martin to perfection.   Steve Martin is brilliant in this film his interaction  with the old clips from films are inspired like his scolding  Humphrey Bogart's character.   The way in which his  delivers his lines is spot on and the silliness is very Steve Martin.  At one second serious and the next sliding into absurdity.  It is classic early Steve Martin.   The coffee scene is a classic in the holding a joke for an extended time style that is used often in such things as Family Guy.  Any fans of Film Noir will love this film.

Great lines like   "Juliet! Those dirty bastards! Beating up a woman. They even knocked your breasts out of whack."

"Cleaning women....Cleaning women"

Here is the trailer

Here is a great clip from the film from You Tube.. called Adjusting Carlitta's Breasts...

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