Monday, June 17, 2019

Murder Mystery 2019 7+ out of 10 (Netflix Movie)

Murder Mystery 2019 7+ out of 10

I have grown to really love the movie Just Go With It starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler -so when I first saw the trailer for this direct to Netflix movie--I was excited.   

Murder Mystery re-teams Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston as married couple that decides to finally go on their honeymoon after 15 years of marriage.  Adam Sandler’s character is a New York cop that wants to be a detective and Aniston plays his wife who likes to read Mystery novels.  

On the flight to Europe they get invited on a rich Englishman’s yacht.  This leads to a “Someone in this room is a murderer” plot.  The owner of the yacht gets killed when the lights go off while he is about to change his will. 

The murder mystery itself is just okay, but the dialogue and comic chemistry of Sandler and Aniston as a bickering couple is what makes the film good.  Their characters end up being suspected on the murder and must try and solve the murder themselves as the list of other suspects start dying off.   It’s kind of had the feel of movies like The Out of Towners.  I don’t want to say too much about the plot itself –for fear of giving away any of the mystery –but I would definite recommend it a good Comedy/Mystery film with some decent laughs.  I especially loved how the end of the film set itself up so well for a possible sequel (Mystery Movie fans will definitely catch the reference).

Sandler movies can be so hit and miss—but when he has been teamed up with Aniston and Drew Barrymore those films have worked quite well.   

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sharknado 6 2018 ?? out of 10

Sharknado 6 2018  ?? out of 10

Honestly I don’t even know what to rate this last entry in the Sharknado saga.  It defies a rating on a scale of 1-10.  It was mostly a terrible mess of time travel nonsense. It should have been called The Ludacris Shark Movie.  

In the middle of a time vortex Finn makes out with Tara’s Reid’s robot head that is stitching out of a flying Robot Shark from the Future.  So over the top silly and stupid that it borders on being just terrible.... or So Bad it is Good???  I honestly don’t know yet.   If  didn't see Sharknado 1-5  then this movie would be totally confusing.  Well it was probably confusing anyway.   Sharknado 6 was basically a Time Travel movie that just happened to have Sharknados everywhere the characters went. 

The film opens with Finn leaping into the age of the Dinosaurs where he meets up with characters that have died in previous films.  Time travel is strange is the explaination.  They leap from time to time hoping that the next leap will be the leap back home....(wait that is a different show).   The film is filled with terrible CGI as they fly around on Dinosaurs, before leaping to the time of King Arthur (or a leftover set from Xena Warrior Princess).  Terrible "Celebrity cameos"  including some Transgender Morgana that used modern day annoying catchphrases.  So many bad lines of dialogue.   This mess is what happens when you give low budget film makers whose original movie took off by accident more money.   The film making itself doesn't get any better --but the bad CGI flying shark budget is bigger.  Of course the bad CGI sharks may be the best part of this strange flick.

For some reason I find myself at a complete loss as to how to rank this odd movie.  It is so bad that it is at times entertaining --but not in the way that the original was--because the self awareness of what they are doing is involved.    Sharknado 6 just is.    If you sat through the other 5 Sharknados then you have to see how it ends.   If not --like most of the Bad Shark movies that I torture myself with ...on it's own it is just that ---A Bad Shark Movie.   

Saturday, May 11, 2019

(Animated movie # 16) Hotel Translyvania 3 2018 8 out of 10

Hotel Transylvania 3 2018 8 out of 10

I've surprisingly found myself really enjoying this series of animated movies.  The first one was a pleasant surprise and they have been able to make the sequels entertaining as well.  With each film the series has done a good job at expanding the world building of the franchise in the process.   

Hotel Transylvania 3 has a very predictable plot -yet still entertains despite the transparency of what is going to happen during the story.  It is like a pitcher telling you what pitch he is going to throw and still striking you out.  Adam Sandler is so perfect in the role of Drac who this time around falls in love on a family cruise.  The visual jokes were effective  the Blob character steals many scenes. -The monsters that inhabit this cartoon world remain interesting and entertaining even 3 films into the franchise.   There is an animated series based on this franchise which suffers from the lack of the Drac character.  His character really is the heart and soul of the franchise.    I would definitely recommend this film if you are a fan of the first two in the series .  

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Spook Busters 1946 5 out of 10

Spook Busters 1946   5 out of 10

When I recorded this film onthe DVR to come back to later I had no idea that this was one of 48 films featuring these characters. . The characters in question are The Bowery Boys. They were featured in movies made from 1946 to 1958.  That is quite an output of movies.   They were a New York comedy group that come off as a little bit Three Stooges mixed with a little Abbott and Costello.   

This particular film features the gang as exterminators taking a job at an old mansion.  At first they think it is haunted --but quickly discover that it is actually just a mad scientist that wants to scare them away.  He captures a couple of the gang and wants to use one the dim witted gang for a brain transfer with an ape.   I've come across the mad scientist haunted house with an ape theme many times in movies from this era for some reason.   I guess gorilla suits were cheaper to rent than creating monster suits. 

The film is okay with some decent comic moments --but nothing the rivals Abbott and Costello level of humor.   I guess it is a good thing that I didn't fall in love with the film since then --I would have 47 more films to seek out.  I have a couple more of their flicks on the DVR --but some other stuff ahead of that on the need to watch list.

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

From Hell it Came 1957 1 out of 10

From Hell it Came 1957  1 out of 10

45 Minutes of boring, dull, lifeless dialogue and then we finally get the monster.   A slow moving tree monster creature that had to have been carved out of Styrofoam.   I've seen a lot of bad movie and bad movie monsters--but this creature has to be one of the worst looking and least scary creatures ever put on film.   I'm talking really, really bad.   I would put this bad movie monster up against any other films bad movie monsters.   It would probably lose because this things only move is to slowly shamble around until it finds someone that can't walk faster than it and then carries them to the convenient pit of quicksand.

Skip the movie and enjoy the trailer which is 15 times better than this boring film.

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Happy Death Day 2017 8+ out of 10

Happy Death Day 2017   8+ out of 10

Happy Death Day is basically a horror movie version of the classic romantic comedy Groundhog's Day.   A love letter to that film mixed into the slasher movie genre.  The mix works surprisingly well and makes for an entertaining twist of a tired genre of slasher movies in the same way Scream did back in the day.

The film focuses on a college girl  (Tree Gelbman)  -the worst character name ever. She is trying to enjoy her birthday. She wakes up in a nerdy strangers room and goes about her day only to end up murdered at the end of the day.   She then wakes up and the day has started all over again.   So the film basically becomes about her trying to solve her own murder that keeps happening over and over again no mater what she does. This makes for a fun and enjoyable journey. 

Just like in Groundhog's Day (which is the obvious inspiration for this film)  the character learns and grows as a person as a result of experiencing this day so many times.   The story had some fun little twists and turns and I'd definitely recommend this flick for fans of Time Loop stories or horror films with a little bit of comedy.  

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Friday, April 26, 2019


Our latest Podcast is now online.  In this episode we discuss what we liked and didn’t like about The Umbrella Academy.  We talk about binge watching shows in general.  And the co-hosts disagree with me on whether Captain Ron is one of the worst movies of the year it came out. 

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Saturday, April 20, 2019

3 Quick Time Travel Movie Reviews. (Available on Netflix) (Time Travel Movie 11 ,12 ,13)

After watching the Netflix Series The Umbrella Academy which dealt with some interesting Time Travel elements –I dug into 3 Time Travel films available on Netflix Streaming.

The Butterfly Effect 2 2006 6 out of 10

I remember the first Butterfly Effect  (which I enjoyed the concept of) but didn’t like how dark and depressing it turned by the end of the film.  This movie suffers from the same problem.  I was first exposed to the concept of the The Butterfly Effect  from a cool Ray Bradbury story called The Sound of Thunder (which was turned into a less interesting film).   Basically the concept is that if you were to go back in time the smallest change like a Butterfly getting killed in the age of dinosaurs could have massive changes in the future. Thousands of little interactions would be different from that point forward resulting in the smallest change having major effects.   
The Butterfly Effect 2 starts off with a group of friends enjoying a birthday at the lake when the main character gets a call that he needs to come back to the office. They end up in a car crash that kills all of the main characters.   Flash forward to a year later when the main character is still trying to move on.  Like the original film he discovers he has the ability to flashback in time and change the outcome of an event to try and fix something that went wrong.   Each of his attempts to try and make things better end up with a worse alternative future. I enjoyed this film until the ending which just didn’t ring true to me

ARQ 2016 7 out of 10

The best way to describe ARQ is that it is a simple yet effective Time Loop story.   Think "The Edge of Tomorrow"  without all the special effects.   It is like a low budget stage play version of a time loop movie that takes place in one location.    I thought it was clever and enjoyable for what it was.  The main character wakes up in a facility next to a woman.   They are almost immediately captured by some intruders.  The encounter ends up with the main character eventually dying just to wake up again in the same situation with some knowledge of what has already happened just to repeat the situation again.  The fun little twist to this concept as slowly the other characters involved in the situation experience the same thing as well.  I’d recommend this as a Netflix watch if you are a fan of time travel.

When We First Met  2018  7+ out of 10

When We First Met 2018 7+ out of 10.#Netflixmovie. This romantic comedy Time Travel Movie was a Netflix original. Starring Adam Devine in the lead role. The movie starts out at an engagement party where the bride to be is telling the story of the first time they met. Flashback to the night they met which seems amazing then back to a totally different guy being the groom to be. The main character ends up drunk and in an old photo booth that he had visited on that magical first date. The photo booth acts as a time machine which sends him back to that first night. I won’t give away the details here but this leads to a movie that feels like a fun mix of Groundhog’s Day and Bedazzled. It was basically a romantic comedy Butterfly Effect.  Although some plot points were predictable it was still a fun time travel comedy

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Frenzy 2018 3 out of 10

Frenzy 2018  3 out of 10

The single best thing about this movie it the poster.  The movie is basically a cheap version of The Shallows (which I didn't enjoy).   A couple of sisters that are a part of some Adventure You Tube show end up in a plane crash into the ocean with their crew.  The crew end up shark bait and the movie is basically the one sister on a raft after the crash watching her friends get killed by sharks.   The movie uses flashbacks between the boring raft scenes to give the characters some semblance of character development, but this tactic just becomes annoying.    About half-way through the film everyone is dead when the one sister makes it to a tiny little island the looks like a mushroom.   Magically her injured sister washes up and they spend the last 40 minutes on a wooden platform under the mushroom island.  

They flag down a boat that unfortunately the people fall off of into the water with the sharks.    Then they pull some Ewok village trick to lure one of the sharks to death with a well timed boulder on a rope which leaves two  sharks vs two sisters in a not so epic showdown.     The shark effects were actually decent --the story was just dull.  I actually almost gave up on this film around the 1 hour mark--but toughed it out to a decent ending that partially redeeemed the boring film.

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Nightmare Shark 2018 5 out of 10

Nightmare Shark 2018  5 out of 10

Nightmare Shark is a bizarre shark movie that aired this year on the SyFy channel as a part of Sharknado Week.  It was produced by Curmudgeon Films who also did Trailer Park Shark and Atomic Shark and actually features some characters from those films.   So you could pretty much say those movies are a part of a shared Shark Universe.    

The story focuses on a group of survivors of shark attacks that are dealing with nightmares from those encounters that seek out help of a scientist that has developed and experimental drug to help deal with the nightmares.    The scientist turns out to have ulterior motives and is actually trying the use the survivors to summone a Hawaiian Shark god from the realm of dreams into the real world.

The film is like a strange Nightmare on Elm Street with a CGI shark instead of Freddy Krueger.  You can never tell when a character is awake or dreaming and in fact the ending makes everything that happens even more unclear.   I give the film some credit for trying to bring something different to the Shark Movie genre --but it is almost too strange and weird.   

The movie was originally titled "Curse of the Dream Witch" which might explain one review on IMDB where the reviewer said that there wasn't even a shark in the movie they saw?   It could explain some of the film.  In certain scenes the characters are being attacked by what looks like a swarm of flies and a weird prescence instead of a shark.   I almost wonder if the film wasn't re edited to add more Shark footage so the films name could change and it could be re titled as a part of Shark Week.   I can't find any information to support this theory --but it might explain how it seems so strangely pieced together. 

Here is the trailer for the film

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