Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Zookeeper (Family Movie Review # 6) 2011 6 out of 10

Zookeeper  2011   6 out of 10

Zookeeper starring Kevin James was about a nice zookeeper  that is trying to win back the girl he proposed to 5 years ago after bumping into her  again at his brother's wedding weekend.  She dumped him back then because she couldn't see herself being with someone that was just a zookeeper.    It was a very predictable story where you can see every plot point coming a mile away.   The movie also stars a bunch of talking zoo animals which quite frankly are not really important to the plot at all.   The advertisements made me think that it was going to basically be A Night at the Museum, but in a zoo,  which wasn't really the case. 
It probably would have been a more entertaining movie if it had gone this route.    The animals decide to break the code of silence to help him get the girl.  The animals have always been able to talk you see and just don't because it will freak humans out.  It borrows from the concept of Toy Story, where once the humans are away the animals all hang out together and talk.    They animals talking  is really not important to the story and we could have had pretty much the exact same story without the animals talking and giving him dating advice and it wouldn't have been much different.

    The highlights of the movie   surround Kevin James doing pratfalls like crashing into the ice sculpture at the wedding and riding a silly kids bike in an attempt to win back the girl on a pre-wedding event.   And the scene where the gorilla gets to go to TGIF's is funny as well.   It was a decent family movie,  but nothing extra special

A group of zoo animals decide to break their code of silence in order to help their lovable zoo keeper find love -- without opting to leave his current job for something more illustrious.

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