Saturday, July 13, 2013

Earth Vs the Flying Saucers 1956 6 out of 10

Earth vs the Flying Saucers  1956   6 out of 10

The Aliens have been shooting down our rocket tests and after an attempted landing to have a talk where we immediately killed one of their silly looking Styrofoam suited spaceman they are now out to obliterate us.   This sci-fi film with effects by the master Ray Harryhausen is clearly one of the inspirations for Mar Attacks (also inspired by the Mars Attacks card set). Shoot at this aliens and they will vaporize you with lasers.

  The plot of this movie is standard alien invasion stuff.  It is the blue print for many of the alien invasion movies that followed and is a must see for that factor.  Being from the 1950's it doesn't hold up all that great watching the models of Flying Saucers take out models of the capitol, but it is an effective sci-fi story from that era.  

The trailer is great.

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