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Sharknado 2013 8 out of 10 (SO BAD IT IS GOOD)

Sharknado   2013    8 out of 10   (SO BAD IT IS GOOD)

(Major Spoiler Alert)

Sharknado is hands down the best  Shark/Tornado movie ever made.   I'm sure it is the only Shark/Tornado movie ever made, but that makes it the best right?      This is the gem that I search for when watching bad shark movies.   Like Hammerhead Shark Frenzy it quickly turned from a bad movie into a SO BAD it is Good movie.  They knew what they were doing and had me hooked at the title of Sharknado.    It is just a fun movie title to say.   With all of the crazy, silly monster movies that get churned out each year since CGI made  bad monster movies possible again,  why not a movie that combines the disaster films with bad shark movies?   Why not indeed?   Sharknado could be the first in a whole new genre.  Gatortwister anyone?   How about SnakeQuake?     It is really brilliant if you think about it.   With a movie title like Sharknado it will attract all the people that like bad disaster movies and all the people like me that can't get enough of bad shark movies.    Genius!

The  movie  stars Ian Ziering of 90210 fame (I'm glad to see that Steve got a job after finishing high school at age 32).  Apparently Steve has changed his name to Finley (of course Fin) after all it is a shark movie.  Finley is a surfer that owns a bar on the Santa Monica pier   SPOILER ALERT  (well until a storm destroys it with giant waves and sharks flying through windows).  He spends the rest of the movie trying to save his family from the silly storm of the century that is raining down sharks all over Los Angeles.  I actually liked Ian Ziering is this ridiculous role.  It was like journeying back to a Chuck Norris movie from the 80's. 

    Who needs a coherent plot when the title of your movie is  Sharknado???   The plot is insane and the logic of the anything that happens in the movie is completely non existent (kind of like Sharknados).    Of course with a title like Sharknado you have to leave all concepts of logic at the entrance to this amusement park ride of a silly, bad shark/tornado movie.    The screenplay seems to be something pieced together from a pot smoking idea session.  

Let's listen in on thewriting session for this flick:
 Writer #1 "Wouldn't it be great if it was raining sharks?"  
Writer #2  "Put it in the story dude"
Writer #3  "How about a scene where Ian Ziering in the middle of trying to get his family out of the city stops to rescue an entire school bus of kids  Chuck Norris style"
Writer #2 "Sure dude that sounds awesome....Like something out of that classic movie Invasion USA,   man"
Writer #1 "Dude at one point he can have a chainsaw and a shark can totally take out a shark falling out of the sky"
Writer # 2 " And a bunch of sharks can land in a swimming pool at an old folks home"
Writer # 3" Wait dude....Why would the old folks be out at the pool during a giant Sharknado?"
Writer # 2  "Dude.... who cares man it will look cool just put it in the script man "

That pretty much sums it up.  Add Tara Reid as his ex wife,   who at this point would struggle to act her way out of a paper bag and you get the movie magic that is Sharknado.   A movie that makes no sense what so ever....but is a fun and incredible ride.   One second it is raining and the roads are second the streets of Beverly Hills are flooded and sharks are leaping through the windows of a house that is somehow completely flooded and then blows up.  Nothing makes any sense in this movie, but it doesn't matter.    Sure why not try and stop the Sharknado by flying a helicopter into the air and drops homemade bombs into it?    It makes sense to me,  NOT.   What did you really expect by a movie title Sharknado??  that it would make sense?   Really???    They knew what they were doing and pulled it off better than Sharktopus did.   Another great movie title that made it a must watch for bad movie lovers.    Sharknado will go down in my books as one of the best  SO BAD IT IS GOOD movies I've seen in awhile and it will keep me coming back to Syfy channel for more crap in search of more gems like this one.........I can't wait now for Blast Vegas.....sounds terrible....delightfully terrible.

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