Friday, July 12, 2013

Shark Zone 2003 5 out of 10

Shark Zone  2003   5 out of 10

"The beach stays open"  --said the Mayor of pretty much every shark movie.

Shark Zone is the 3rd sequel in the Shark Attack movie series.   The dialogue and acting is terrible.  The shark attacks are pretty standard and plentiful.  It uses the infamous Jaws Scenario which is the mayor doesn't want to shut down the Beach Fiesta even though there have been a plethora of shark attacks.   Beach Fiesta's in shark movies is never a good thing for people in and around the water.  The main character has a history with sharks and just like in Jaws is super concerned about sharks, yet no one listens to him until it is too late.   We also get the standard "Get out of the water" scene which is typical of this era shark movies.    The movie eventually gets sidetracked on a side plot concerning a Russian that wants the hero to take him to a sunken ship (where he lost his father to a shark 10 years earlier).  He doesn't want to go so they kidnap his son to encourage him.  This kidnap story takes us away from what could have been a better,  yet more predictable ending with carnage at the Beach Fiesta.  So the movie kind of ends with a thud since the massive shark eating people storyline is left in the dust in favor of a save my kid from the Russians story.  

The Trailer has pretty much the entire  dialogue that every shark movie steals from  Jaws which I like to call "the Jaws Scenario"

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