Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Adjustment Bureau 2011 8 out of 10

The Adjustment Bureau    2011   8 out of 10

The best way I can describe this for people that have seen a lot of movies is that it is a cross between Dark City and Serendipity. It is based on a Phillip K Dick short story (Many of my Favorite Sci-Fi films have been. The Sci-Fi Noir Classic Bladerunner. Total Recall and Minority Report to name a few) . Dick's sci-fi books often focus on a normal man in an extraordinary situation against the system. A paranoid existence for his characters like in Total Recall ( a man trying to find out who he really is). He often tackles theology in this books. This movie is no exception. Matt Damon is a man who by accident (much like the main character in Dark City) sees something he isn't meant to see. The powers that be if you may correcting and fixing his destiny. His character is persistent and believes in free will (although he has been told that it is just an illusion). The movie basically follows his efforts to reconnect with a girl his is in love with despite fate (The Adjust Bureau's ) attempts to keep them apart. A cool and interesting look at Destiny and whether it has been prewritten or whether we can make our own destiny......A good thought provoking film....Like many good sci-fi films before it.

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