Thursday, July 11, 2013

Just Go With It 2011 9 out of 10

Just Go With It 2011  9  out of 10

I guess the title would be a good suggestion when watching this movie. Just Go With It...because the plot is absurd....In real life nobody would just go with the leaps of faith you have to take in order to believe the stories plot line.....But putting that aside--and "Just Going With It" the film turned out to be a lot of fun. Adam Sandler is in his watered down less annoying mode for this film and Jennifer Aniston is gorgeous and delightful. I'm a big fan of the TV show Friends and have always thought Jennifer Aniston was very talented --(she just hasn't picked the most successful films in her post Friends career. This was one of her better films.]The film follows Sandler's character, a plastic surgeon who discovered after a bad almost marriage years ago that wearing a wedding ring was a great way to pick up chicks. Unfortunately a girl that he falls in love with while not using his trick finds his wedding ring in his pocket and let's just say it like Ricky Ricardo "Lucy . you got a lot of splaining to do" He makes up a fake story about being in the middle of getting divorced and ropes Jennifer Aniston to be his fake wife. Well anyone can see where this story is going from there, but the ride (although not believable at all--especially how quickly he is ready to marry said girl (Brooklyn Decker of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit fame). The fake situations are enjoyable to watch as is Sandler's best buddie Nick Swardson (of the gay guy on roller skates Reno 911 fame). So all in all a very good (implausible and predictable) romantic comedy in an era where so many romantic comedies don't cut it. My advice.....Just Go With IT

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