Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Lone Ranger 2013 9 out of 10

Pictures I took from the DCA  before the Premiere in the parks.

The Lone Ranger 2013  9 out of 10

It is a shame that the Lone Ranger isn't doing that great at the box office, when compared to it's budget.   The film was a fun and exciting adventure of a movie.  Johnny Depp once again nailed it with his performance as Tonto making the movie really enjoyable.  It was basically a Pirates of the Caribbean version of The Lone Ranger, which isn't surprising since it was made by the same group of people.  I'm not sure if it's lackluster box office is a result of a modern audience just not connecting with the character of the Lone Ranger?   Maybe the modern audience doesn't even know who the Lone Ranger is or maybe they just don't care to see this character from old radio dramas on the big screen?  Maybe the Hollywood western is truly dead?  But pirate movies were dead before Pirates of the Caribbean took over and dominated at the box office so who really knows.   The trailers for the movie made it one of the must see summer movies for me, so I don't know why so many other people weren't lining up to see it.   Despicable Me 2 (the first of which was just alright in my opinion)--killed it at the box office.  

The movie itself was a fun ride that included a heavy dose of humor (kind of like the tone set in the Mummy Franchise).   
The plot was good and the over the top crazy action sequences were a blast (literally at times).  The finale  in particular was incredibly fun.  The train scene played out to the classic Lone Ranger music and reminded me of the mine cart scene from Temple of Doom taken to the next level.  Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp had  great on screen chemistry as Tonto and the Lone Ranger and I would have been up for a sequel had the movie performed well at the box office.    

My advice ignore the box office results and go see this fun, entertaining, roller coaster ride of a summer movie.

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