Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pulse 2006 4 out of 10

Pulse 2006  4 out of 10

After  the American  remake of  the Japanese movie Ringu  with  The Ring it became popular to remake a bunch of the creepy  Japanese horror movies.   The Pulse is another example of this trend in that it is a remake of a popular cult Japanese horror movie   Kairo from 2001.    I liked both the first Ring and  the first The Grudge,   The Pulse didn't capture my attention the way the other 2 remakes did.   The Pulse stars cutie Kristen Bell  (of Veronica Mars fame) as a college student whose boyfriend mysteriously hangs himself.  It turns out that like The Ring  in which everyone that watched a video tape seemed to die this time around it is a computer virus that seems to be opening up a frequency that lets ghosts into our world.   An interesting concept that just fell flat in being entertaining.   The entire movie appeared to be shot through a dark blue lens almost like they were shooting day for night the entire time.  The movie failed in my opinion to be scary at all and it felt like they were trying to force a creepy feel to the film that it didn't really have.    I guess I shouldn't be surprised,  since anything that makes any money gets a sequel,  but this one really didn't deserve one.

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