Saturday, July 27, 2013

Thw Wrong Box 1966 5 out of 10

The Wrong Box  1966   5 out of 10

Apparently it was the Wrong Box.   This British comedy had and all star cast of British Comedians from the 1960's,  but failed to live up to the talent of the actors in the film.   The plot centered around an inheritance from two brothers that are all that remain from a contest that each of the parents  of a group of boys invested in.  The last survivor gets the entire fortune.  The one dying brother keeps trying to kill off his clueless brother, while the clueless brothers adopted kids think he is already dead and are trying to hide the fact until the other brother dies so they can collect the money.   There is a love story as well that is unimportant to the plot.   With a cast that includes  Michael Caine, Dudley Moore, Peter Cook and Peter Sellers it should have been funnier than it was.   Peter Sellers actually still shines in the movie as a down on his luck doctor with a bunch of cats that Peter Cook goes to in order to get a death certificate.  The movie comes off like a less inspired episode of Three's Company and comes to a zany end that just didn't impress.   

Here is Peter Sellers from the film.

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