Friday, July 26, 2013

Shark Night 3-D 2011 2 out of 10 (Hillbilly Shark Revenge)

Shark Night  3-D 2011  


What a terrible shark movie.   It should have been called Hillbilly Shark Revenge.   A plot that is a about as stupid as stupid can be.   A college girl and a bunch of her friends head back to her home town to party at her folks lake house.   Well things don't go so well because there are sharks in the lake??   And it turns out the sharks were put in the lake by her Hillbilly ex-boyfriend that wants to get revenge on her and her friends.   Now I've seen some silly shark movies like 2 Headed Shark Attack and Sand Sharks,  and  Sharktopus ,  but Hillbillies using sharks to get revenge and make Shark snuff films???  I definitely wasn't expecting that when the trailer for this shark movie came out.   I mean this one was actually in the movie theaters.....not some direct to DVD or Syfy channel shark effort.   Frankly I'd rather watch  Swamp Shark or one of the other bad shark movies on Syfy than this boring silly shark movie that was more about the Hillbillies than the actual sharks.    I was hoping for something entertaining like Piranha  3-D  which is how it was advertised, instead of Hillbilly Shark Snuff.
I can't believe they wasted big money on this with all the unnecessary helicopter shots.  Definitely one of the worst shark movies ever and that is saying something.

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