Friday, July 19, 2013

Blast Vegas (AKA Destruction Vegas) 2013 1 out of 10

Blast Vegas 2013   1 out of 10

Blast Vegas was just completely terrible.  One week after the spectacle that was Sharknado (a terrible movie that was so bad that it was good)  we get stuck with Blast Vegas.   Starring Frankie Muniz and Barry Bostwick this disaster film was just an awful example of terrible film making.   The story was beyond stupid and made no sense whatsoever.  The editing of the film was awful with continuity errors left and right. The difference between a movie that is so bad that it is good and a movie that is just so bad that it is almost unwatchable can be a thin line.   This one fell into the so bad it is just plain terrible.     

The story focuses on a group of college students in Vegas for spring break that accidentally unleash an ancient Egyptian curse via stealing an ancient sword from the hotel lobby and putting it in the sand.   This unleashes a boring sand storm in the shape of a giant sand snake.   Somehow Vegas is devoid of people for some  during most of the movie  (because extras cost money) This works in deserted towns or other locations---but Vegas with no people during spring break???  Really?    In one scene near the beginning of the film the Statue of Liberty is in ruins and then 20 minutes later all of New York/New York is completely fine.  There is a sign in front of it talking about a tiger . (which wouldn't be at New York/ New York), but they thought it would be cool to have a tiger running around after one of the clueless characters that decides to wander around outside for no reason in the middle of this deadly sandstorm.   The main group of characters travel around Vegas using underground passages (like they are at Disneyland) with the help of Barry Bostwich playing a cheesy Vegas lounge singer.   One second there is a shot of Vegas looking intact,  five minutes later it is in ruins and then intact again.   The characters then basically just make up a quest for items around Vegas to solve the curse and drive around the completely empty streets going in and out of underground passages as some of them die one by one from boring deaths as a result of the sandstorm.   It was the most nonsensical mess of a movie I've ever seen.    Sharknado was a mess as well, but a funny and entertaining mess.   Blast Vegas as one of my friends pointed out is no Sharknado.    All bad Syfy channel movies can now be judged against that standard.   "Well it's no Sharknado"

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