Friday, July 26, 2013

Between Two Worlds 1944 6 out of 10

Between Two Worlds  1944     6 out of 10

This 1940's  movie plays out like an average episode of the Twilight Zone.   The concept behind the story is interesting, but the execution is a little lacking and it could have been done better.  
It basically follows several characters in war torn London that die and awake aboard the ship they were waiting to go on.   Although this is no ordinary ship as they soon discover during their journey.  It is a ship that is basically taking their souls to be judged.    Like I said I love the concept of the film,  it just probably would have worked better as a Twilight Zone episode instead of a feature length film.  Because you realize the characters are dead from the beginning it loses some of the impact that it would have had if this fact was revealed to the audience at the same time as the characters figure it out.

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