Monday, April 22, 2013

Top 25 Sci-Fi TV Shows Countdown: # 24 Terra Nova

# 24  Terra Nova    2011

13 Episodes is all we got of this interesting Time Travel Dinosaur series that had an interesting mythology that we only got to see hints of.  I was worried when it first aired on the networks that its budget would not be able to be sustained unless it had blockbuster ratings.  Alas what we did get was good and if there would have been a second season it may have gotten really interesting.  The strength of this series  which had a great big budget premiere and then of course had to scale down a bit for the typical sci-fi  (ship in a bottle cost reduction episodes) was the cast.   With Jason O' Mara in the lead role  (Currently starring with Dennis Quaid on Vegas) and  Stephan Lang as the hardened commander of Terra Nova this series could have easily entertained for years if it could have found the audience it needed to keep its budget.   What would have happened in Season 2 we can only speculate on now unfortunately.  The 13 solid episodes of this series were enough to get in  spot number #24 on my list.

My Thoughts on Terra Nova after the premiere episode

The trailer for the show is below

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