Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wraith of the Titans 2012 6 out 10

Wraith of the Titans 2012.  6  out 10

"Feel the Wraith" the advertising says......Well I saw the Wraith on the screen,  but felt it NOT SO MUCH.....  The visuals in Wraith of the Titans were good, but the story was just extremely lazy.   This sequel to the updated epic big screen Clash of the Titans  (which ditched the  Golden Owl R2D2 wannabe)  was just underwhelming while at the same time looking grand on the screen.   The story follows a reluctant Perseus into the underworld on a quest to save his father Zeus and prevent the elder gods the Titans upon the Earth.  This results in a grand special effects filled finale in which Cronos battles against Perseus, Zeus and Hades.   The movie really should be called Wraith of the Titan---because none of the other Titans seemed to show up to the fight.....It could have been really epic on the level of the Avengers if the other Gods and Titans were around .    The writing is lazy,  borrowing elements from other Greek myths that featured other different demi-gods.  Perseus battles the Minotaur, and the Cyclops and journeys into hell.   The Minotaur scene was especially weak and not even up to level of  some lower budget stories I've seen involving the MinotaurThere was really no originality to the story at all.  It was basically just visual popcorn with little or no substance.  

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