Thursday, April 25, 2013

Top 25 Sci-Fi TV Shows Countdown: # 21 LOST

Number # 21   LOST   2004-2010

Coming in at number 21 comes a TV  show that could have been so much higher on my list.  I was totally hooked by LOST.  The show that followed the adventures of plane crash survivors on a very mysterious island.  Polar bears, smoke monsters and the Dharma group?  Each episode would give us a glimpse into the stranded survivors past lives before the accident while slowly moving the mythology along and keeps us wondering what was next.  It took us an entire year just to find the hatch and then wait until next year to find out what it was all about.  At one point it was one of my favorite TV shows and I anxiously  waited each week for another hint or twist in its weird story.   Unfortunately it got convoluted -they kept adding to many new characters and then wanting to tell us there back stories.  The mysteries that kept us sticking around rarely paid off or took weird turns that left me unsatisfied.  By the final season some of them had already left the island and returned home and needed to go back.  The mythology kind of got well LOST just like Twin Peaks or for that matter X-Files (see this show higher on the list).   By the final season I had checked out completely....The lack of answers or pay offs for all the mysteries they teased and set up left me frustrated.     For this reason this show that was once one of my favorite shows  ends up at number 21 instead of someplace in the top 10 where it could have ended up if it hadn't lost me along the journey.

Here is a blog of pictures of a bunch of LOST props I did for my Disney Blog awhile back at d 23 Expo

Here is trailer for show

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