Sunday, April 14, 2013

Guliver's Travel 2010 1 out of 10

Gulliver's Travels   2010  1 out of 10

Is Jack Black funny???   NOT SO MUCH.....I just don't get it (unless he is a cartoon panda).     In human form I just can't seem to tolerate his presence on the screen.   I honestly have no idea why I even recorded Gulliver's Travels on the DVR and I certainly have no idea what then made me want to watch it....but I did.   Maybe I wanted to see how this classic story would be done with modern special effect?  Well Gulliver's Travels was just a lame stage for Jack Black to dance around like a buffoon on and fail again to prove that he is funny in any way shape or form.   Some people  must think he is great ....I guess otherwise he wouldn't keep showing up in movies....I'm not one of those people.
Everything he does seems to forced.  He is like the grown man that dresses up in a diaper and dances around saying "look at me ...Look at me"  because he wants attention.  This so called family film lost me the second  Jack Black  (a giant in Lilliputian)  pees on the castle in order to put out a fire......Not funny and neither is this movie.....This Gulliver's Travels was a travel into boredom that literally put me to sleep.

Skip it and read the book.

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