Sunday, February 26, 2012

Black Forest 4 out of 10 (Attack of the Flesh Eating Dwarfs)

The Black Forest could have been so bad that it was good, but it missed the mark and only succeeded in being mediocre.  I mean the plot was so bad it could have been good.  Some tourists take up a creepy guy on an offer for a free excursion into the Black Forest to visit a Fairy Mound.....what could possibly go wrong????   Well your baby could get stolen by Fairies and you could be transferred into a world filled with the nightmares from those Fairytales you read as a child.  When one of the group was attacked by flesh eating dwarfs in what looked like jail costumes--I thought it could be turning that so bad it is good corner, but it never really did.  It was an interesting concept and I give them points for trying.   With TV shows like Grim and Once Upon a Time doing it so much better I would have rather seen additional episodes of those shows than this movie.  Of course this movie comes from the same production company that gave us Rage of the Yeti and Triassic what do you expect.

What they should have done was just make a Flesh Eating Seven Dwarfs that would have been epic.

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