Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Adventures of Hajji Baba 1954 5 out of 10

This 1954  Arabian tale of Hajji Baba starring John Derek and Elanie Stewart is all fight  then capture then escape then capture again.  Followed by fight then capture and escape then capture again then fight and escape.   A simplistic plot with some over the top acting that after awhile turned the corner from being terrible to slightly enjoying.   I mean what will come next....another cheesy battle scene or them getting captured by someone new. The song that keeps playing in the background was annoying by film's end.   The princess pretending to be an apprentice barber by putting on a head wrap was completely unbelievable.   Scantily clad harem girls and bad sword play saved the day in this otherwise unremarkable film.

Here is a sample of the film

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