Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thoughts on TV : Last Man Standing: February 21st 2012

Last Man Standing starring Tim Allen in his return to TV has turned out to be a delight.  Since it debuted has been a rock solid sitcom.   It is basically Home Improvement  but instead of being the Tool Time  fix it guy,  Tim Allen is  the Outdoor Man.   Instead of 3 boys --this time around he has 3 girls.   (Okay so we are not covering any new ground here --but if it isn't broke don't fix it.)   Despite having the  same old formula it is a breath of fresh air to a TV market that includes things like  It's Worth What (that ran on NBC)  or guess Guess which hand I'm holding the money in (Deal or No Deal) and a million reality shows like Hillbilly Hand Fishing.  It is refreshing to have the real man's perspective  (as represented by Tim Allen) back on TV again.   It is a true delight to get to see his reactions to what his TV daughters do and say.  So Welcome Back  Buzz..... I'm enjoying your return...

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