Friday, February 10, 2012

"Snakes why did it have to be Digital Snakes" Battle of the Cheesy Sci-Fi Movies Round 1

It's Snake week on battle of the Cheesy Sci-Fi Movies

Boa vs Python  2004     4 out of 10......
This bad snake movie has a plot that just makes no sense at all.....Seriously --There is a giant snake on the loose....So let's not try and take it out with the military  --instead let's get another really big snake and let them battle......And then at the end they supposedly have an area all cleared --expect for the rave they missed somehow......The bad digital snakes finally battle near the one silly character  rips off his shirt and tries to attack it with a flame thrower....As  far a cheesy Sci-Fi giant animals fighting goes ---this one is a dud...
"We are the Knights that are going to slay this dragon " says the billionaire leader of his rich boys hunting group

Boa vs Python 2004
(Lame Giant Snake Battle)

Megasnake   2007   6 out of 10       Now this cheesy Giant snake movie has some things going for it....Michael Shanks from Stargate Fame.....With Dialogue  like 
"Break out the shotguns, and gas up the ATVs. We got ourselves a big-ass snake to kill. "
"Do not fear the Heart of the Snake"
This movie rips-off Gremlins   ---With a guy taking a mysterious snake from Indians store after being warned about the 3 rules not to break with snake....The snake grows eating up people and animals all over town......There is the infamous  (Jaws Scenario scene)   Where despite a creature killing people left and right the mayor doesn't want to stop the County Fair --because that is a lot of revenue..... Of course giant Snake attacks the fair which was entertaining enough to make this a good cheesy movie...

Megasnake 2007
(Snake attacks Carnival)

Silent Venom  2009    3 out of 10   Luke Perry as a Submarine Captain  that ends in dangerous waters with the Chinese  doing exercises and some dull snakes killing people on his ship after he rescues some researchers...... (Snakes on a Submarine)..... Cheesy......I was just waiting for this one to end....Best scene was Luke Perry battling big rubber snake.
"This is the captain....Emergency  -snakes have compromised the control room"    That is no Snakes on a Plane dialogue

Silent Venom 2009
(Snakes on a submarine)

The winner of Snake week ..... round one of the cheesy Sci-fi  movies .....Is 
Mega Python vs Gatoroid   7 out of 10
Bad Acting......Cheesy ball plot and dialogue.....And a great food fight between 80's pop stars....Tiffany vs Debbie Gibson...Classic almost as good as the digital Snakes and Gators going at it
Nikki: I think we're alone now. 
Terry: There doesn't seem to be anyone around. 

Mickey Dolenz getting eaten by a giant snake while just about to play  ---epic...
Good bad stuff.....with a satisfying end......The effects are terrible  --really bad...Which is good
Megapython vs Gatoroid 2011 (Tiffany vs Debbie Gibson)

Here are the trailers 
Mega Python vs Gatoroid

Silent Venom


Boa vs Python

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