Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Happening......NOT SO MUCH 2008 1 out of 10

I just watched one of the dumbest movies of all-time.   M. Night Shyamalan wrote, produced, and directed this mess......He hit it big with The Sixth Sense  and then he got extremely cocky.  I read an article about him where he just sounded very full of himself and I was kind of turned off by that arrogance.  After the Sixth Sense he was hot in Hollywood and I guess that is why he was allowed to make a bunch of bad movies.   With M. Night it was all about the twist and not about how you get there and that is a big mistake.   I was looking forward to the movie Signs with Mel Gibson since it looked like a fun Close Encounters type movie---but it ended up being an extremely disappointing mess.   After sins I vowed not to be suckered into another M. Night movie...I skipped The Village (which was all about a twist --which know that I know the twist there is no reason to every see the film).   

Well I broke the promise I made to myself when I DVR'd  The Happening from 2008  starring Marky Mark from the Funky Bunch.   It looked like it could be interesting and actually started off okay like it had the chance to be a good episode of Fringe....but this script wouldn't have made it onto Fringe.   The movie about  plants turning on humans.....Or  the Attack of the evil Pollen as it could have been titled was just plain stupid.   The story and dialogue in this movie was terrible.   While watching this movie I was thinking what is next for M. Night.....a remake of Troll 2???  Because this movie wasn't even as good as that film.    I mean it wasn't just a bad was a really bad movie.....Like so bad that I can't see why a major studio even green light this  "Killer plants disaster".   

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