Monday, February 20, 2012

Thoughts on TV : The Walking Dead: February 20th 2012

As I said before--I missed the whole first season until AMC ran a mini-marathon before the Season 2 premiere.  I loved the fact that there was a Zombie TV show, but was feeling that it was just plodding along for awhile.   I wasn't seeing why it was getting as much praise as it was.  I mean it was good---but wasn't great.   I think the low point of the show was probably the unrealistic  "Let's lower Glen into a well to lasso a zombie at the bottom of the well scene".   That  felt like an extremely forced moment of peril and even after this the show was still moving along too slowly for my tastes even though I was still tuning in.    All that changed with the great end of the first half of season 2 with the barn scene....What a great moment for  the show.  A turning point moment in the show for me.   So I was looking forward to the season starting up again in February and so far they have not disappointed.   There have been 2 really good back to back episodes that have turned up the tension.   The aftermath of the barn incident really moved the story along.   The scene in the bar in town--where they have to confront other survivors that may not have such great intentions was tense and had the feel of a really good Wild West movie.   The second episode back begins with some thrilling crashed car zombie peril and more drama with other survivors in town.  The plot is really flowing and moving quickly now (of course I'm sure things will slow down a little again---but I'm definitely  along for the ride now and can't wait for more).

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