Sunday, February 12, 2012

"You sunk my battleship" a movie WTF??????

While watching the Superbowl a commercial came on for a movie that looked like a Transformers wannabe....that somehow and someway was tied to the old board game  Battleship.     All I can say is why?   Why is Hollywood so empty of movie ideas.   First of all the movie looks like it is just a total rip-off of Transformers....but why is it tied into and old board game about sinking your friends fleet of ships.

How do we get from this.....

To the early 90's when you made it talk

To a movie.....I could see a movie about actually Battleships maybe.....but a battle with robots at sea trapped in some bubble.....Where has the creativity of Hollywood gone....First it was the urge to remake every single TV show for years ago into a movie....Now board games?????

Here is the silly over the top trailer for Battleship the movie....

I remember joking right after this ad aired "What is next a movie about  Candyland....or Chutes and Ladders?"    Then I read in my Entertainment Weekly that an actual Candyland movie starring Adam Sandler is in the works??????WTF!  seriously.    Oh well....I guess we should brace ourselves for  Trouble and Sorry the movie......They already did the only board game that actually deserved a movie years ago  Clue 1985  (a natural for a movie since it is a murder mystery).   Now I guess we should  start to expect the  100 million dollar production of    Yahtzee!   starring  Tom Cruise  or   Uno starring Ben Stiller.    Coming soon to a multiplex near you   the  3-D animated movie  Hungry,Hungry  Hippos.   I can't wait until the Will Ferrell thriller...."Don't break the Ice"    or   Steve Carrell in  JENGA.

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